Plant Health Specialist

Excelsa Gardens, Inc.
Loxahatchee, FL

Excelsa Gardens, Inc. is looking for a quality individual to oversee the Plant Health Division of the company. This division main focus is evaluating and maintaining the highest of plant health across our diverse plant offering using IPM strategies.

Position is full time 40 hours, Monday-Saturday.

Job Summary:

  • Perform frequent quality assurance inspections of all plants in nursery to evaluate current pest & disease activity, and plan solutions for issues found as well as prevention.
  • Starting with the youngest of plants, oversee a plan to maximize plant health through disease and pest prevention, fertilization, and best water application. 
  • Incorporate the IPM strategies of cultural control, mechanical/physical control, biological control, and chemical control.
  • When chemical control is required, specialist will select correct chemical, measure and apply correct chemical to treat issue fully following the label and all required safety regulations.
  • Consistently and concisely maintain all chemical application records and logs.  


· Prior chemical application experience is a plus.

· Insect/disease identification and management is a plus.

· Working experience in the area of horticulture, agribusiness, and landscaping or nursery production is a plus.

· High school graduate with the ability to read, write and perform numerical calculations.

· Ability to plan and organize work orders while maintaining task-on-time schedules.

· Able to effectively communicate in a concise, professional manner.

· Horticulture/ Agricultural degree is a plus.

· Bilingual (English/Spanish) a large plus.

Excelsa Gardens, Inc. is a well respected 30 acre tropical foliage nursery in Loxahatchee, FL specializing in unique mix of house plants and landscape plants.

Interested individuals should email resumes to